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of the flight at cbs s f dot com >>> something we used to do from edwards to get back to the cape and happens no more as the space program sinks slowly in the south numbers today in the low 90s in east bay we tell you what happens when we cov,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> beautiful weather in the bay area still warm inland the sun slants in the west current temperatures still warm if you go east, on the coast not so warm. 80 still in santa rosa. 86 and concord livermore in upper 80's. plenty warm, weather had lines warm weather and continues cooler at the beach and koula for everybody mid-week. mount vaca looks nice. clear skies there now. some clouds come in, low clouds pouring through the golden gate keeps the coastline cool tonight. things will not change dramatically, a high over the pacific northwest, a classic summertime pattern we get a wiff of onshore flow but as the low approaches it knocks the high down the numbers will come down. the high clouds tomorrow will deflect some sunlight and keep things cool. as you head out tomorrow it will be nice, mostly sunny skies early temperatures upper 50s low
highlighted in yellow. those locations will be the hottest, '80s and '90s and the peninsula 98 in gilroy and morgan hill, hottest locations 102 in brentwood, santa rosa at 94 degrees. will talk more about watches and advisory's coming up. >>> rough-and-tumble politics in richmond a fight between the city council member and local activists and in punches and arrest. don knapp is in richmond with more. >>> mostly when politicians disagree things get noisy but last week outside the building after a tumultuous meeting emotions flared to head and fists begin to fly. richmond always a tough town but said all politics getting tougher in this incident david more escorted to a police car after an altercation with a council member following a neighborhood council meeting. the video recorded by a private contractor and candidates' debate and provided cbs 5 the chevron rep >>> i chose to walk away i walk three persons away from mr. more about that time i feel this it to the back of my head i look around and as i turned and get another hit to my right temple >>> richmond police told cbs 5 a police
and is expected to and and on time early next year go to cbs s f dot com to check on traffic conditions. an early-morning fire destroyed two homes in concord, budget cuts may have an impact the first us one up and slams at 3:00 a.m. to people living in the home and got out without injuries the fire spread next door. investigators believe no one was in that house firefighters it meant response times lower than normal. >>> one of the stations nearby was shut down, where reduce staffing there was a delay because the second to a engine came from greater distance. >>> voters will have a chance to weigh in on department's budget issues there is a $75 per year parcel tax measure on the ballot fire crews hope it will keep stations open. cal may have lost a first-round game of the season nevada did not spoil the party fans were happy to be back home alyssa a. harrington on the facelift for the old stadium. >>> there's no place like home, golden bears are back in berkeley after nearly two years and $321 million in renovations at memorial stadium last again december 20th 10 last year played at at&t part. >>
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3

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